Water Storage Tanks

Hydro Composites manufactures storage tanks for potable water and other applications in many different diameters and heights. Most of our storage tanks are fabricated using contact molds built by our skilled staff. We use FDA approved resins and ASTM end caps for all of our storage tanks. Thickness, color and bottom shape can be altered depending on the application for the tank. A flat bottom and domed top are standard on most storage tanks. Threaded fittings or flanges can be placed anywhere on the tank that your application requires. Man ways are available for larger diameter tanks if required. If your application requires a size we do not currently manufacture we can make a mold and produce tanks to your specifications. We have the ability to put your concept into CAD to insure the design meets your satisfaction prior to construction. Custom features like pipe fittings/ flanges, insulated walls and bottoms, baffles, screens and external reinforcement are available upon request. Storage tanks can be manufactured for vertical or horizontal applications. Hydro Composites manufactures all tanks using premium FDA approvable iso-resins, gel coat and glass materials.

Standard Colors
: Black, Dark Green, Tan, White, Pool Blue, Light Grey and Dark Blue.

Custom Colors: Available upon request. Some colors may incur additional charges.

Dimensions measured outside of the flange, not on the inside of the tank.
Tank volume calculated at tank's full capacity.

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Due to the nature of the products we manufacture, freight quotes must be handled on an individual basis.
Rectangular Water Storage Tank
WW-524524 gal. Rectangular Water Storage Tank

Vertical Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks

110 gal. Cylindrical Storage Tank


150 gal. Cylindrical Water Storage Tank


200 gal. Cylindrical Water Storage Tank


285 gal. Cylindrical Water Storage Tank


375 gal. Cylindrical Storage Tank


500 gal. Cylindrical Water Storage Tank

Water Storage Tanks with Closed Top and Manway

1,575 gal. Round Water Storage Cistern


2,085 gal. Round Water Storage Cistern


Dome Top