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Ornamental Sugar Kettle

Part Number: SK-5.5

Price: $432.00

Interior Color:
Exterior Color:

In 2009, Hydro Composites began manufacturing fiberglass Sugar Kettles. Traditional Sugar Kettles, used to process sugarcane into sugar, were made of cast iron.  Hydro Composites has created a light-weight-alternative using fiberglass.  Our fiberglass kettles provide the same southern charm as kettles made from iron, but at a fraction of the price.

These authentic replicas of old style plantation kettles can be used  easily as a water garden planter, gold fish pond, or fountain basin.  Sugar Kettles can transform your landscape into an outdoor living space with a touch of Southern Style.

  • Ornamental Sugar Kettle for Water Gardens, Fountains or Landscape Design
  • Dimensions: 66" dia. x 25" deep x 3/16" thick
  • Standard Color: Black